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Welcome to our office! The delivery of vision care has changed considerably since the inception of this office in 1983. In the early 80’s our instrumentation was simple and the options that we had for patients were limited. Since that time, technology and research have allowed for tremendous opportunities to assist our patients in obtaining the best possible outcomes for all vision care challenges. We are proud to assist all patients – whether visiting our office for routine care or seeking assistance for vision problems associated with traumatic brain injury, concussion, stroke, vestibular dysfunction, autism, developmental delays and neurological consequences. 


Initially, vision development was the primary focus (no pun intended) of this practice as we worked with children who presented with developmental vision problems that interfered with learning and bihemispheric (ex. motor) development. The elucidation of these vision and visual-perceptual problems was a challenge that was met and successfully treated time and time again. In the late 80’s / early 90’s, our office was one of the first in the nation to offer vision care assistance to acute rehabilitation hospitals – particularly emphasizing vision rehabilitation for patients with traumatic brain injury and stroke. Here we worked with Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and JFK/Johnson Rehabilitation Institute to foster new vision rehabilitation programs that to date are still being established across the country. 

The need for the most specialized care for our patients is obvious and, here, in our office we will do everything that is necessary to go above and beyond to help our patients.  We attempt to do the “basics” correctly and then go above and beyond to provide vision care on levels that most do not even know exist.  We work with an integrative approach to vision care – one that may coordinate together with medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and cognitive therapy. Our patients are not a “couple of eyeballs” that can be serviced and given back at the end of the session.  We understand how vision affects and integrates with motor coordination, balance, posture, ambulation and all the functions of our bodies to provide an integrated and well-functioning individual.  We always keep in mind that the visual system is the primary sensory input system of the body.

Dr. Vicci is a founding father of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, Intl. (NORA). In the late 80’s, he was able to coordinate with other doctors around the country (and eventually the world) who worked with similar populations in the area of vision rehabilitation.  He has obtained fellowship in NORA and is among the very few that combine the concepts behind developmental vision and vision care for the neurologically impaired. 

We are pleased to announce the associateship of Nathalia Broderick, O.D. to our office family. Dr. Broderick has provided a very necessary boost to our ability to best serve our population through her immediately obvious talents in working with general practice and special needs individuals. She has prepared for this challenge through participation in residency programs and honored positions that allow her to reveal her innate ability to work with people. She allows us to have tri-lingual capabilities as well. She clearly maintains our commitment to detail and comprehensive service for all patients who enter our office.

So much of what we do in our world is dependent upon good visual functioning. We are proud to say that this is the place that attempts to “put it all together”.  We hope that you will agree.


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